Restore Deleted Data from Hard Disk Drive

Every person in this world is nearly depended on Computer. But did you ever think that if you lose that data once than what will happen? Is there any other place where you have kept the copy of that data? If yes, then what will happen if you miss that data from there also? You might also having lot of personal data in your computer which includes important office documents, snaps holding your memorable moments, favorite tracks and movies and lot of other personal data. What will happen if by mistake these all data is deleted by you only? This situation will be pathetic for you. You will feel screwed in this situation. Most of the people in this situation think that recovering deleted data is not possible. It’s wrong; you can recover hard drive partition data at your own using hard disk partition recovery software.

There might be any reason or anonymous reason behind the permanent deletion of the data from the hard disk. Such as unwittingly deletion by yourself, deletion of file because of any other software like antivirus; file got corrupted and you deleted that file and later you realize the importance of that file. These were the most common reasons but there are other rare reasons are also present. As long as you have Hard Disk Partition Recovery software, need not to worry much, you can recover the deleted documents in any of the situation. Even if the hard drive partition is damaged and inaccessible, you can restore corrupt HDD partition files with this software.

To increase the chances of recovery of deleted data from hard disk, you should not use the hard disk once you find that data is deleted. The moment you decide to recover the deleted data from hard disk, immediately you must stop using it. If you didn’t do so, then it will decrease the chances of deleted data getting recovered. Hard disk partition recovery software can restore files from lost NTFS partition, removable/external storage devices like pen drive or flash drive, SD Cards and other storage devices. Even if the file (image/song/video/document) is corrupted and deleted from the hard drive, using this software you can recover back quickly. Mac version of the software will also help you to undelete files from Mac OS X hard drive with ease.

"Power of Hard Disk Partition Recovery + Few clicks by you + Few minutes = Deleted data from your hard disk is recovered".

Like other professional software this software doesn’t have more steps and confusing options. Here you will find only few steps and very easy to understand too and still this tool is powerful and gives perfect and impressive results.

Climb these stairs to grab your deleted data:

  • Download and install hard disk partition recovery software in drive other than from which data is going to recover. Select "Recover Files" option from the main screen and on the next screen select Recover Deleted Files option.
  • Recover Deleted Data from Hard Disk - Home Window

    Figure A: Home Window

  • It will search for available hard drive partitions show you the results. Specify the drive from where you want to recover deleted data.
  • Recover Deleted Data from Hard Disk - Select Drive

    Figure B: Select Drive

  • Then it will scan for the deleted files or data which is recoverable. Finally, here you can see your all deleted data and you can see the preview also.
  • Recover Deleted Data from Hard Disk - Recovered Data

    Figure C: Recovered Data

  • Activate the software and select the files you want to recover and choose the destination where you want to save them.

For Leopard (10.5) and
Snow Leopard (10.6) Users

For Lion (10.7),
Mountain Lion (10.8) and Mavericks Users